Seeing students connect with Jesus motivates school chaplain

A strong belief that “there is no greater love, or person for students to connect with, than Jesus” is the driving motivation behind Aaron Schick’s work as School Chaplain at Carinity Education Rockhampton.

With over 13 years of experience as a chaplain in the state school system, Aaron now works for Carinity two days per week, providing pastoral care and guidance to children who have experienced difficulties succeeding in mainstream schools.

Aaron Schick has over 13 years of experience as a school chaplain.
Aaron Schick has over 13 years of experience as a school chaplain.

He joined Carinity following a recommendation from his church pastor that the role would maximise the impact he has on young peoples’ lives while providing additional opportunities for his own personal growth.

“As a school chaplain, I’m here to assist students and the community discover Jesus and the life to be found following him,” Aaron explains.

Aaron’s role sees him provide students with the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations regarding life and faith, provide a connection to the local church and explore opportunities to build deeper connections with the broader community, such as encouraging interaction with local youth groups.

He also engages with staff, discussing faith, church and God with them on a regular basis to assist them in their ongoing efforts to provide spiritual support to students.

According to Carinity Education Rockhampton Principal, Lyn Harland, Aaron’s role is an integral part of the school environment.

“Aaron brings a Godly presence and compassionate ear for the students – someone who is unrelated to their school work who is there to listen to them. They appreciate his non-judging personality,” Lyn says.

“He meets the students at their level and builds genuine, quality relationships with them. On a personal note, Aaron brings a breath of fresh air that helps my staff and I take stock of the world around us. He gives us strength in times of adversity.”

Aaron Schick is impacting on young peoples’ lives as chaplain at Carinity Education Rockhampton.
Aaron is impacting on young peoples’ lives as the new chaplain at Carinity Education Rockhampton.

When asked about the importance of the annual Carinity Chaplains Appeal, Aaron was passionate about the role that supporters’ prayers and financial contributions can make.

“We need our communities to connect with Jesus and grow in love. Chaplains provide a greater chance for this to occur,” he says.

“Your support means we can continue providing the spiritual support that is so integral to a young person’s holistic wellbeing.”

Donate to the 2021 Carinity Chaplains Appeal, and help Carinity chaplains continue their work, at Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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