Retirement Living

With Carinity retirement villages throughout Queensland, community spirit is alive and well for retirement residents. Each retirement village has been designed with the resident in mind to support a social and connected lifestyle. Care has been taken to create a place where people are safe in their homes with functional and secure design features like 24-hour security and emergency call systems, a place where people can enjoy comfortable homes to live in and entertain family and friends and an environment that is calming with beautifully maintained gardens.

Each retirement village is located within reach of entertainment hubs, amenities, health services and supports active lifestyles to keep people moving.

Home Care is part of the services available to help residents to live at home for longer and live independently. Home Care means we have a dedicated group of Carinity team members who can provide support with personal care, getting you out in the community, to the shops and to social appointments so that you can continue to live the lifestyle you enjoy.

Another key part of our Carinity offering is that we have several retirement villages which are co-located with residential aged care sites for families that may need both retirement living and aged care living.

Whatever you may need, we are here for you.

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Jess Ward, Carinity Shalom

"It's so peaceful here, so friendly, and you feel so safe."

All the benefits of Retirement Living

Community living

Feel at home, while keeping everything you love about your independence and personal space.


People are often surprised by the affordability of retirement living compared with the expenses of home ownership.

Wellbeing. Welldoing.

Our communities are vibrant with activities and support, keeping you as busy as you like and always someone to share it with.

Adaptive living

Live independently knowing that should you need some extra help, it’s not far away at all.

Fees & charges explained

Understand the costs and fees of moving in to one of Carinity's retirement villages.


Everything you need to know about retirement living.