Zig Zag Foundation supports Orana

Carinity Youth – Orana wishes to express its heartfelt thanks to The Zig Zag Foundation “for providing hope and support for young people in difficult circumstances”.

The Foundation has provided funds to purchase a number of essential items for the house, such as furniture, a box trailer, fridge freezer and a barbecue.

Situated in Bald Hills in Brisbane, Carinity Youth – Orana provides emergency housing and a caring environment for young people who have become or are at risk of becoming homeless.

However Program Manager, David McNair said that they wouldn’t be able to provide 24 hour guidance and support to the residents without the backing of charities such as The Zig Zag Foundation.

Orana is now asking people to support Zig Zag’s Foundation’s Gala Charity Ball, which is taking place on May 31, and is the charity’s major fundraising event.

The Zig Zag Foundation is a Brisbane based charity fundraising organisation that works tirelessly to raise money on behalf of registered local and national charities that work with children aged between 0-18 years.

Please follow the link for information on the charity ball: http://www.zigzagfoundation.org/gala-ball

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