Helping our children: Youth counselling checklist

Growing up can be an anxious time. Half of all adult mental health challenges emerge before the age of 14 and more than half of the children experiencing such challenges are not receiving professional help*. Keeping an eye on young people, allowing ongoing communication and noticing changes in behaviour is key. If something seems wrong, talk to your children and investigate the issue.

Communication with children is key.

Checklist for parents and guardians

Look out for:

  • Anger and frustration. Children may lash out because they cannot process their anger or frustration or become withdrawn and shut down;
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed. A child may experience heightened emotions and reactions and feel everything is too hard;
  • Not wanting to go to school. Talk to guidance counsellors and teachers as there may be bullying issues or separation anxiety;
  • Sadness or feelings of self-blame.

Where to find us:

Carinity Child and Youth Counselling services are located in Narangba and at Carinity Illoura in Beaudesert.

Counselling and therapy is available for parents and care givers.

You do not need a formal referral to be part of this program. Domestic violence services, school counsellors, youth workers, teachers, GPs, family support services and others who work with children and young people can informally refer children, young people and families to this program.

Carinity Narangba
1A/16 Main St, Narangba QLD 4504
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  8:30am – 4:30pm
Counselling sessions available by appointment

Phone(07) 3886 8100

Carinity Illoura
31 Duckett Street, Beaudesert QLD 4285
Thursday 8:30am – 4:30pm
Counselling sessions available by appointment
Phone: (07) 5541 1955

* Source: National Mental Health Commission

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