Wedding Barks for John Cani Therapy Dogs

It started out as puppy love and ended in wedding barks for Carinity Aged Care -John Cani therapy dogs Ms Molly and Mr Anderson.

Carinity Aged Care – John Cani Leisure and Lifestyle Carer Fiona Pridemore said dog weddings were increasingly becoming popular in the US, UK and China.

“Carinity Aged Care has animal-assisted therapy at many of its sites but this is our first dog wedding and maybe the first for any therapy dog in Australia,” Ms Pridemore said.

“Animal-assisted therapy has both physical and psychological benefits. Studies have shown regular interaction with an animal can reduce blood pressure and alleviate depression and anxiety.

“In an aged care context, animals can improve physical health via play and improve social interaction as many people share stories about their childhood animals.”

“Smaller dogs are usually the best candidates as they enjoy sitting on people’s laps and don’t require as much exercise.”

“Molly is a Maltese Shih Tzu and Mr Anderson is a Chihuahua Pomeranian – both are great small breeds with loving natures.”

The canine couple will exchange “bow-vows” on Thursday morning in the historic town of Mount Morgan.

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