Vanessa has a taste for hospitality

We had a chat with one of Carinity Cedarbrook’s unsung heroes, head chef Vanessa Turnbull, about her dedication to making residents of our Gold Coast aged care community happy.

Carinity Cedarbrook aged care head chef Vanessa Turnbull is dedicated to making residents happy.

“I have always worked in hospitality,” Vanessa says.

“I was a Restaurant Manager at North Burleigh Surf Club but decided to take on the canteen role at my children’s primary school as it suited my life as a mother. When they all left for high school, I decided to move on.

“Because of my training and skills I decided to try aged care as I wanted to feel I was making a difference in peoples’ lives. I wanted more than just financial reward like at the school.

“I love that Carinity Cedarbrook is such a lovely well presented place, we have nice views and it’s a modern building. It’s great because it has a rural feel but it’s not isolated.

“I also love my nice big kitchen and all the modern facilities.

“I am super clean and organised so I love organising and implementing better procedures in my kitchen. I love putting in the extra effort to make meals I am proud to serve up.

“As a mother I have a real nurturing nature and food is a great way to express care for others.

“I enjoy being a team leader and conversing with our residents and their families.

“When the residents are happy is when I’m most satisfied. I also like working with families to find the best way to meet the residents’ needs.”

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