Thanks to Carinity volunteers

Anne Bucetti believes being a volunteer in her local aged care community is “a win-win situation”.

“I absolutely love volunteering in aged care. I hope I bring some happiness to the day of lonely elderly people.

“The interactions I have had with the residents have truly enriched my life. I have learned so much from these people and I am well rewarded knowing that any little thing I do can make a huge difference.”

Anne Bucetti has been a volunteer at the Carinity Clifford House aged care community in Brisbane for 11 years
Anne Bucetti is one of the dedicated volunteers at the Carinity Clifford House aged care community in Brisbane.

The retiree has been volunteering at Carinity Clifford House in Brisbane for 11 years. So dedicated is Anne that she often spends time there in the morning, goes home for lunch, then returns to the aged care site in the afternoon.

Initially enlisting in the Community Visitors Scheme so she could “visit lonely people in aged care homes”, Anne soon found a place at Carinity Clifford House.

“I know that social isolation and loneliness can cause depression in the elderly. The volunteer program is a wonderful way to address this,” Anne said.

Anne’s roles at Clifford House range from assisting with resident activities, outings and themed morning teas, recording residents’ oral histories and decorating the home with Christmas decorations.

“I assist with group activities such as the singalong as well as one-to-one visits. I’ve documented the memories of residents for their families and also coordinate a book club for interested residents,” Anne said.

“I have found that the residents can provide wisdom and practical lived experience. The conversations I have with some of the residents are similar to those I had with my parents.

“When my parents were still alive, I enjoyed their company and that of their friends. Now they are gone I miss those times very much. So, to some degree, the elderly residents help fill that void.”

Between them, Anne Bucetti and Pam Dalrymple have volunteered at the Carinity Clifford House aged care community for 30 years
Between them, Anne Bucetti and Pam Dalrymple have volunteered at Carinity Clifford House for 30 years.

Anne especially loves spending time with residents who are living with dementia.

“Even though they can’t always talk they find little ways to communicate with me. That gives me so much pleasure,” she said.

During National Volunteer Week (May 15-21), Carinity celebrates and thanks our dedicated volunteers. They provide invaluable support to our aged care residents, school students and disability service clients across Queensland.

Anne encouraged more people to donate their time to support seniors living in aged care.

“Volunteers from all walks of life have a lot to offer residents in the homes. I have found that people are very grateful for the time I spend with them,” she said.

“Even if it is just sitting and listening. Sometimes that’s all they need.”

Anyone interested in volunteering with Carinity to assist the people we support can visit the website or phone 07 3550 3737.

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