Tech-savvy seniors

Barbara Horbury had never used a computer but she is now fast becoming as tech savvy as her grandson.

The 77-year-old Hervey Bay resident is the first person in Queensland to own a “Mobi” tablet device, as part of her Carinity Home Care package.

Mobi powered by Breezie is a personalised digital hub which aims to help seniors live more independently while staying connected with family, friends and the wider community.

Accessed via a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet, Mobi is specifically designed for older users to cut through the complexities of technology with a simplified, user friendly format.

“The system itself is fantastic as it is set up to make it easy to use, especially for someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing,” Barbara says.

“The icons are large and easy to read and understand and everything that I could possibly want is set up on it like Skype, email, calendar, Facebook, transport and home delivered shopping options.”

Barbara, who decided she needed help at home following major back surgery, also uses her Mobi to maintain her mental fitness by playing memory games.

“Having never really used a computer before I was a little scared but excited to look at this option, as it would increase my social connections and assist with maintaining and improving my memory,” Barbara says.

“I live in Hervey Bay and my closest family is located on the Sunshine Coast so I only get to see them when one of us visits. My daughter and her family are working or still at school so visiting isn’t always possible.

“The Mobi tablet allows me to communicate with my family via a video link-up, which opens up a better way to communicate with them, and it means they can have that personal contact with me to ensure that I am okay.

“I know that with a little more help I am going to master this technology and it will assist me in my life.”

Mobi powered by Breezie is available through Carinity Home Care. For more information call 1300 109 109 or visit

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