Story Bridge Paymaster still being chased for pay 75 years on

Everyone remembers their first job but for Colin Axtell, his first job was part of constructing a Brisbane icon.

The 93-year-old Carinity Aged Care Hilltop resident was the junior paymaster for the construction of the Story Bridge which celebrates its 75th anniversary in July.

“I had nothing to compare the job to at the time but it was certainly a great project to be a part of,” Colin said.

“As it was the Great Depression I was lucky to have a job.”

“I did run into a gentleman here a while ago who said he worked on the bridge and remembered I short paid him.”

“I asked him to show me his work ledger, I don’t think he has found it because I haven’t seen him since then.”

Despite 75 years passing there is still one thing that Queenslanders have in common – not liking paying road tolls.

“When they built the bridge it was to be a toll bridge and people weren’t happy about it but yet they still queued up when it was opened to cross it.”

“At the opening, they had stalls all along the bridge just like the exhibition, it sounds like they’re going to do something similar this time.”

Colin attended the original opening celebration in 1940 and 50th anniversary celebration in 1990. He plans to attend the 75th anniversary celebration in July with his family.


      1. Colin Axtell at Carinity Aged Care Hilltop.
      2. Story Bridge construction crew at the joining of the bridge, 1 November 1939.

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