Carinity Education – Enterprise Agreement

Carinity is currently negotiating an Enterprise Agreement with staff who work in our schools.

The misleading campaign by the union and the industrial action at some of our schools is bewildering because we have been negotiating in good faith. Staff are being offered an increase in salary of between 8.5 and 10 percent over the life of the three-year agreement.

The aim of negotiating Enterprise Bargaining Agreements is about ensuring that your Agreement meets the requirements of the workplace, whilst providing increased benefits above the Award to staff.

Carinity’s employees enjoy salary and conditions well above the award and staff are being invited to vote on further substantial increases for the future.

Carinity recognises the dedication of our staff and the work they have done for many years supporting young people in our schools.

Next year Carinity celebrates 70 years of community service which is a testament to the respect and care we have for our staff, and we will continue to negotiate to achieve an outcome that benefits our students and our staff.

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