Seniors Month 2023

Let’s come together Queensland!

Get ready to socially connect this October as Queensland Month Seniors Month, 1-31
October, returns for another year.

Beginning on the United Nations International Day of Older Persons (1 October) and
including the celebration of National Grandparents Day on Sunday 29 October 2023.
Seniors Month provides a great opportunity to:

  • connect people of all ages and abilities
  • provide opportunities to discover supports and services to support people’s care needs if
    and when they need it
  • celebrate the many contributions older people make in their communities.

Reinforced by the continued theme of ‘Social Connections’, Seniors Month aims to
increase the social connectedness of communities throughout Queensland. Simply put, it’s
going to be a Connect Fest!

Social connectedness is one of the most important factors in creating strong communities. It
allows us to build relationships with people we might not otherwise meet, share common
values and experiences, and can help us to become more aware and engaged.

From fitness classes, art and craft workshops, technology courses, social events, concerts,
excursions, expos and so much more, there will be a wide variety of events and activities on

As a result of these events, we can increase the feeling of social connectedness for all

To find out more about Seniors Month, visit the Queensland Seniors Month website.