School staff’s marvellous effort for students

“Superhero” youth workers from Carinity Education have been busy delivering schoolwork to students’ homes, empowering them to continue their learning off-campus during the coronavirus situation.

At the start of Term 2, Carinity Education schools will remain open for students whose parents are essential workers and for vulnerable students who wish to study at school.

Carinity Education Southside youth workers have been delivering learning materials to students’ homes so they can learn from home during the coronavirus situation.

For students who need to study from home, Carinity Education youth workers have been delivering ‘work from home’ packs to help students stay on track with their education.

“We are doing all that we can to ensure the students’ safety and wellbeing, whilst also ensuring each and every student is continuing to receive their education in a way that is suitable for them,” Carinity Education Executive Manager Christine Hill says.

“Our teachers and youth workers have spent the term break working tirelessly to prepare learning materials and different ways for our students to access the curriculum from home.”

Carinity Education Southside Principal Leann Faint says her youth workers have made more than 60 deliveries in the past two days, including to the homes of students who live 30km east and west of the school in Brisbane.

“One of our amazing youth workers, who always goes above and beyond for our students, has opted to wear her Captain Marvel costume while making home deliveries, which is quite fitting since our youth workers are our superheroes,” Leann says.

Each ‘work from home’ pack contain two weeks’ worth of learning materials and resources as well as phone cards with contact numbers of support team staff members, to ensure students can stay in touch with the school.

Before they went on school holidays, Shalom Christian College students learned how to communicate remotely with their teachers and classmates using technology.

Each fortnight the youth workers will deliver new learning materials to students who are studying from home, and collect their completed work.

Home deliveries will be made over the next five weeks.

Carinity Education students who elect to remain at home will complete the same work as those who attend school in person, with both online and paper copies of work available for students to complete. 

To prevent the spread of any illness, any student who is unwell must remain at home.

Students who choose to attend school will have their temperature checked and recorded daily.

Any student whose temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to attend school or board the school bus.

“School staff will contact students and their families several times each week to ensure they are doing well during these challenging times,” Christine says.

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