Carinity chaplains providing invaluable support in schools

As school chaplain at Carinity Education Glendyne in Hervey Bay, Jade Hislop offers non-judgmental support to students who may be experiencing a difficult time in their young lives.

“Often, they haven’t had a positive experience in the mainstream school system and if their home life is not ideal, their last priority is school. Our school makes sure that our students are safe and that they keep coming back,” Jade said.

“Young people today are just being bombarded with stuff, trying to figure out who they are with access to more information than ever before.

“My job is not really to fix things; it’s to allow the opportunity for the kids to get things off their chest. And if that helps them, then that’s your job done.”

Carinity Education Glendyne school chaplain Jade with students
School chaplain Jade Hislop offers non-judgmental support to young people attending Carinity Education Glendyne.

Students at Carinity Education schools feel supported and confident knowing they can have confidential interactions with chaplains.

“Whether they want to talk about their day-to-day life or other issues, I am here to listen to them and be someone that they can talk to, without being judged,” Jade said.

“They like to have those talks; it gets them through the day. We can chat with the students about anything really; there’s not a boundary. They know I’m listening.

“If I can make just a little bit of difference to each student, that makes it all worth it.

“The kids can be themselves around a chaplain. That is the way we should be as Christians; be welcoming to everybody and anybody and they should feel comfortable around us.

“I can sit there and listen to their problems. I don’t have to come up with the solution. When they leave, I pray about it and give it to God. The best bit about this job is I’m not doing it alone. God’s listening, he hears it.”

Carinity Education Glendyne School chaplain Jade with students
Carinity Education Glendyne chaplain, Jade Hislop, chats with students of the secondary school in Hervey Bay.

Students like Alex at Carinity Education Glendyne have benefited from the support of school chaplains.

“Speaking with Jade has helped me. She’s there to help and support me. Plus, she’s a great person,” Alex said.

“I like Jade because she makes me laugh. We talk about how my day’s going and what’s happening throughout my day. We can relate to things in life.”

Jade says it “takes a village to raise a child” in our schools. But limited Federal Government funding for chaplaincy in schools like Carinity’s means our students would not have the same access to chaplains if not for the generosity of our donors.

Your kind contribution to the Carinity Chaplains Appeal will help ensure chaplains like Jade continue their vital work.

Donate to the Carinity Chaplains Appeal online or by phoning (07) 3550 3737.

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