ReNew Christmas Appeal: Help stop today’s victims from becoming tomorrow’s abusers

Children as young as 10 are committing domestic violence against their mothers.

It is startling to learn that between 2012 and 2015, over 1,500 incidents of domestic violence were committed by children aged 10 to 18 years in Queensland.

Research shows boys who abuse, and use violence against their mothers, are up to 70% more likely to become domestic violence perpetrators as adults.

You can help us break this cycle through Carinity’s 2017 Christmas Appeal. All funds will support ReNew, an Australian-first initiative aimed at tackling family violence when it first appears … in boyhood.

Carinity Youth and Communities Manager Janelle Heyse runs ReNew, a partnership between Carinity and Domestic Violence Action Centre.

The 20-week program works specifically with mothers and their boys, aged between 12 and 17 years.

“ReNew works with boys who have witnessed or experienced family violence, together with their mothers, to improve their relationships and break the cycle of domestic violence through early intervention,” Janelle says.

“Some boys abuse their mums because they learned it from their fathers.”

Jane and her son Harry recently completed ReNew.

“Having fled her violent partner, Jane knew she couldn’t go through another violent family relationship, and her son deserved a better future,” Janelle says.

“Being with other kids facing the same challenges was comforting for Harry. ReNew gave them the opportunity to work through their past and current behaviour, build better relationships, set boundaries and ensure decisions are respected.

“Some boys abuse their mums because they learned it from their fathers.

“Over the course of the year Jane saw Harry’s behaviour change. There was a huge difference in their communications at home, and they both felt positive about their future as a family.”

Harry, 14, says he learned new ways to deal with stress, anxiety and anger.

“I know now it is important to listen to mum. I respect her more now. I have learned new ways to handle my feelings of anger and anxiety about what is happening for my family,” Harry says.

You can donate to the 2017 Carinity Christmas Appeal online at, by calling 07 3550 3737, or by mailing to Reply Paid 85906, Mitchelton QLD 4053.

Names and images have been changed for privacy

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