Can I have visitors to stay?

Visitors are always welcome for an overnight, short-stay or a holiday, and you can go away yourself knowing that everything is secure and looked after while you are away.

Do I “own” my villa?

Our villas are secured under a ‘License to Occupy’ tenure, which gives you the right to live in your villa as long as you are able to live independently, or are able to remain safely in your villa with in-home support services.

Why are the prices so low?

Our villas are very reasonably priced to allow you a better quality of life now, rather than tying up your assets in the villas. Because of our pricing structure, your exit entitlement is calculated on what you paid when you entered, not the re-sale value of the villa.

What are my entitlements when I leave the village?

Your exit entitlement is the amount you paid on entry to the village, less the exit fee. Your villa contract will detail the calculation of exit fees for your specific villa, in line with the Retirement Villages Act 1999. Alternatively, use our online calculator to get an idea of your exit entitlement.

What about the service fees?

of the village and maintenance of capital items. The amount is calculated based on the village’s annual budget and is determined in consultation with residents each year.
The fortnightly service fees are very comprehensive and cover the maintenance of:

  • Gardens and lawns
  • Buildings, roads, driveways, fixtures, fittings, plant and equipment
  • Recreational and common areas
  • Emergency call monitoring
  • Council and water rates, taxes, charges and any government charges payable
  • Pest control
  • Electricity for grounds and common areas
  • Insurances (except for your personal contents)
  • Management and administration of the village

Will I have access to the amenities, entertainment and activities?

At all our villages you will have access to a huge array of activities and events, so there’s always plenty to do onsite. There are always plenty of activities going on each week from arts & craft to cards & crosswords, entertainment and exercise classes, and neighbourhood coffee mornings and BBQs.

The activities are backed by our range of lifestyle amenities, which are specific to each village.

Will my villa be fully maintained?

All villas are fully maintained, both inside and out, except for your personal and household items.

Who pays for replacements?

Carinity are responsible for replacement of all buildings, and any fixtures and fittings which form part of your villa i.e. stoves, hot water systems, carpet etc. The exception to this is where a capital item was specifically requested and paid for by yourself, or where the items has been damaged by over and above normal wear and tear.

What if I don’t drive?

The majority of our villages are located close to public transport options that provide quick and easy access to shopping, medical and recreation facilities.

While you enjoy the convenience of having amenities close by, our villages are often set on extensive grounds, close to nature and wildlife, and can seem like a world away from it all.

What if I am unwell?

From time to time you may need a helping hand recovering from an illness or surgery. You simply need to ask our Home Care team who will support you in your home until you’re back on your feet, for as long or as short as you require help.

How do residents have input in to the operations of the village?

Residents have elected a Residents Committee to represent their interest at each of our villages and also to provide a channel for communication between the residents and management. Residents’ Committees are not established at every village, only at Wishart Gardens and Elim Estate.

Are there any community “rules”?

Yes, they are designed to enhance the lifestyle of our residents in regards to the use, enjoyment and management of our villages. You will find them as an annexure to your contract.

Am I able to bring pets with me?

Each of our villages have a pet policy that ensures all residents feel at home and comfortable in our community. Please ask the village manager for the policy at the specific village you are interested in.

Do I have to be a Christian to live at a Carinity retirement village?

Everyone is welcome, including those with no defined faith.