Residential Aged Care: COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Last updated 25 September 2020


Are Carinity’s aged care homes open to visitors?

Yes, visitors are allowed into our aged care homes across Queensland. Two visitors per resident at any one time is welcomed, but advance bookings must be made to ensure social distancing requirements are adhered to. Visitors must stay in the resident’s room or booked visiting area and visitors are not to go into communal or dining areas.

Anyone entering a Carinity aged care home must comply with the current entry requirements that are displayed on the front door, including a health screening, and visitors must provide documentation of flu vaccination.

Precautions when visiting your relative in aged care

There is no cure for COVID-19 and the outcome for people who are infected, particularly those who are elderly and who have pre-existing health conditions, is often fatal. Carinity is doing everything we can to maintain hygiene and social distancing measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infections in all of our homes; however, the more people who interact with our residents and touch surfaces within our homes, the greater the risk that coronavirus will find its way inside. Of concern is the fact that many people who have coronavirus may be asymptomatic, and hence unaware that they are capable of spreading the virus.

Because of these factors we encourage you to reduce physical visits as much as possible, and instead use the phone and other video-based applications that are available to allow you to stay in touch with your loved one (please refer FAQ below ‘How can residents and their family and friends stay connected while visits are restricted?’)

I’m not vaccinated against influenza. Why can’t I enter Carinity aged care homes?

The Government has mandated that from 1 May anyone entering a residential aged care (RAC) home must be vaccinated against influenza and must provide proof of this to staff. This is part of the current health directive to support coronavirus (COVID-19) containment efforts. Carinity is defining a RAC site as a RAC building or shared space i.e. courtyard, pergola etc where residents would come into contact with unvaccinated visitors, not the whole grounds.

Are hairdressing services still available at Carinity aged care homes?

Hairdressing at our homes (outside of South East Queensland) is available however hygiene and social distancing measures are in place.

How can residents and their family and friends stay connected while visits are restricted?

Carinity is committed to keeping residents connected with their family and friends during the pandemic. While in-person visits are restricted to support hygiene and social distancing efforts, we offer residents and families several alternative communication options at our facilities to stay in touch. For more information about our Stay Connected options, view our brochure.

Will Carinity suspend visits in the future?

We are constantly reviewing the progression of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic throughout the community to determine the risk that visits pose to our residents. If we believe the risk to our residents has increased we may have to suspend visits for a period of time. You will be advised if this occurs and we will open again as soon as the risk falls to acceptable levels.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation very carefully and will advise you of further changes if they are needed.

For more on this, please refer to the Queensland Health coronavirus webpage Australian Government Department of Health’s information sheet for older Australians, their family and friends about how to protect older Australians from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).