Aged Care Activities: Keeping Active, Social & Engaged

Aged care activities. Forget just bingo and movies – we’re here to tell you there is so much more happening in our communities every single day.

No-one likes being bored. Our lives seem richer, more exciting and bring more joy when our days have meaning. At Carinity, we have a team of Diversional Therapists and Activities Officers in each and every one of our 12 aged care communities. Their sole job is to bring smiles to the faces of our residents.

We spoke to Cedarbrook Activities Officer Pam Burton about what a typical day looks like in an aged care community and why she thinks her job is, quite simply, the best.

Carinity Brookfield Green resident Daphne Smith with the aged care community’s new robotic companion pet
Carinity Brookfield Green resident Daphne Smith with the aged care community’s new robotic companion pet

“A typical day for me is very busy, from the moment I walk in until the time I leave. There’s never a dull moment and each day is different, challenging and exciting.

We create our Activities Calendar based on what our residents at the time enjoy. At the moment, our top two favourites are bus outings and live concerts or performances.

Some of our outings include lunch at various venues such as the local RSL club or similar, trips to the cinema or even a simple outing for a delicious morning tea at the local shops.

We also have weekly concerts with live performers and residents can dance with enjoyment to their favourite songs. This can certainly be ‘”party central “and brings delight and immense satisfaction to our team as we know we have succeeded in providing an hour of fun and enjoyment to these special people.”

Trevor Litzow enjoys the many social activities at Carinity Karinya Place including a recent visit by a classic car club
Trevor enjoys the many social activities at Carinity Karinya Place including a recent visit by a classic car club.

Adding variety to everyday routines

Pam also spoke about some of the unexpected activities residents at Cedarbrook have enjoyed.

“Probably the most unusual activity has been a visit from a local car club with a huge variety of vintage cars on display. The residents loved it and this brought back precious memories of a time long ago when they owned such cars.

We also had a recent visit from the Queensland Police Pipes & Drums which was well received, even if a little loud! The band were amazing and catered for the residents attending. They still talk about this event.


Carinity Clifford House resident Joan Pond has been enjoying weekly art classes at the aged care community

Tailored activities

Of course, everyone’s interests are different, so our teams regularly review our activities to make sure we’re meeting the individual needs of all our residents. When a new resident joins our communities, our team dedicate time to getting to know them, completing interest profiles and generally finding out what they enjoy doing with their time.

“We regularly chat to residents to discuss their interests and feedback on our activities, and what they might like to see. We also review their social profiles and have conversations with family members to plan our programs with our residents like and dislikes always in mind.”


Our team of physiotherapists hold regular classes for our aged care residents to help improve mobility and balance.

Bringing joy to aged care

Delivering smiles to the faces of residents is one thing Pam finds incredible rewarding. “I enjoy the variety of my role and the fact that I give pleasure to our residents every day, in the most rewarding way.”

For residents, it’s the small things that our Diversional Therapy teams do that make all the difference. “To be able to provide weekly shopping for them is such a small task but gives them such satisfaction. They are always happy to receive their purchases and it gives them individual choice and the ability to get a little something a little extra for themselves, which is particularly important if they do not have anyone nearby who is able to do this for them.”


Seniors taking part in chair exercises class at the Carinity Brownesholme aged care community in Highfields.
Exercise classes at Carinity Brownesholme aged care community in Highfields.

Individualised support

While many of our activities are focused on group engagement, this isn’t for everyone. Many of our residents enjoy the peace of their own company. Pam dedicates plenty of time to one-on-one visits to ensure more introverted residents don’t miss out on interaction. “I visit residents in their own room if they do not want to be part of a large social group. A chat about news items or even about family can sometimes make them feel involved and want to become more social, if only with myself until they want to join a larger group.”


Take a look at what’s on

If you’re considering a move to aged care and you have a particular hobby or interest you’d love to continue with or spend time on again, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Carinity team to see how we can support you. Not only do our Lifestyle teams love hosting new activities, but many of our residents enjoy learning new things too.

Take a look at our sample Activities Calendars to see what’s happening at each of our aged care communities.

Example Activity Calendars

Brookfield Green


Fairfield Grange