Home Care: COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Last updated 23 November 2020


Am I still able to access Carinity Home Care supports given the Queensland Government’s recent decision to cap home visitor numbers to two people? 

Yes. Carinity Home Care workers are providing an essential service and are not included in the home visitor cap.

Older Australians have been told to self-isolate. How can I be sure Carinity workers won’t give me COVID-19?

We can reassure you that Carinity staff will not report to work and enter your home if they are showing any symptoms of cold or flu consistent with coronavirus. Our staff have received comprehensive training in infection control and apply effective hand hygiene and cleaning procedures within client homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

I have COVID-19. Will Carinity continue to support me at home while I am unwell?

Should a client receive a diagnosis of COVID-19, we will work with public health authorities to develop a plan for the client’s care and access personal protective equipment (PPE) from the government stockpile.

Yes we will continue to support you at home if you are unwell ensuring our staff apply effective hand hygiene and cleaning procedures within your home.