Education: COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Last updated 12 July 2021


Are Carinity schools open?

All Carinity Schools are fully involved in classroom learning. Unless a government directive is issued to the contrary, Carinity Education will continue to provide predominantly face-to-face learning options, while children with medical vulnerability or who have family members who are medically vulnerable will be able to continue learning from home without penalty.

Our staff are committed to working with all students to ensure that progress continues in all aspects of their development: academic, spiritual, social and emotional during this challenging period.

What safety measures is Carinity putting in place to protect students ?

For the majority of our students, classes may be a little different than normal as we practice social distancing as far as possible and observe additional hygiene practices.

Sportsexcursions, and school events are available with eased COVID-19 restrictions although we will be carefully assessing all risks prior to considering participation in any activity. We will discuss again with students the importance of social distancing and review hand hygiene when school recommences in the new term.

Principals will communicate with school families about any specific requirements for their site. 

Students may have their temperature checked and recorded either when the bus calls at their home or on arrival at school each day. Any student whose temperature is above 37.5oC will not be allowed to board the school bus (if at their home) and will be sent home. We will arrange medical assistance if required.

What happens if students are unwell on a school day?

While we welcome all our students and look forward to their attendance, it is important for any student who is unwell, even if the illness is only minor, to remain at home to prevent the spread of any illness. If students show any COVID symptoms they should be tested and remain at home until a negative result is received. Should a positive result be received the school will be notified by Queensland Health.

What happens if there is an outbreak?

In the event of any COVID infection within a school community we will follow the advice of the local Public Health Unit and inform families promptly.