Adolescent Wellness Program

Young people face increasing pressures and a range of challenges in their daily lives that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Especially during adolescence young people can experience bullying, school anxiety issues, family troubles, depression, and relationship problems. Youth mental health is a serious concern for young people and the broader community.

If you’re a young person struggling with day to day challenges, our Adolescent Wellness Program can provide specialist psychology services for people aged 10 – 24 years. The mental health plan does not cover assessments or working with anyone other than the person. If the client has capacity to pay, we would probably consider charging – haven’t done so to date. We have used donations from Inner Wheel to cover these costs up to now.

Our staff include clinical psychologists and family therapists who work with general practitioners, schools and medical specialists to provide specialist mental health guidance.

To access this program, a general practitioner or paediatrician will refer you to the program under a Mental Health Treatment Plan which will give you up to 10 free sessions with the psychologist.

If you are a young person who doesn’t have access to a general practitioner, or are someone who is looking for support for the young person, please contact us directly and we can assist you in getting the help you need.

Service location:

  • Rockhampton region