Join Our Chaplaincy Team

Follow God’s calling – be a Chaplain

During hard times, sickness or in times of great joy, people need someone to talk to. Some people have trusted friends and family nearby to support them. Others may not, or may be looking for a greater depth of spiritual support. These are the times when chaplains are so important – but there is often more demand to talk than chaplains available to listen.

Our faithful volunteers inspire hope through their dedication and generosity of providing spiritual, practical and social assistance at our service locations. Not only are they inspiring hope to others, research has found that volunteering enhances the quality of their own life and health. Read more about our chaplains making a difference.

At Carinity, our volunteers are extremely valuable to the ongoing operations of our services and, recognising the benefits they bring to the organisation, clients, other stakeholders and even themselves, we endeavour to expand this area by encouraging more people to volunteer with us.

Carinity is proud to partner with Malyon Vocational Training (formerly The Training Collaborative) to offer online training in Certificate IV in Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care. This nationally recognised course gives you the qualifications and experience you need to work or volunteer as a Baptist chaplain in a wide range of situations, including aged care, hospitals, and in prisons and schools (with some specialisations).

If you are interested in giving your time to help others, whether they be in aged care, their own homes, hospital or prison, we’d love to hear from you.