Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy

Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy exists to bring Jesus to prisoners, whilst they are inside and when they are out encouraging them to be transformed from the inside out.

We are dedicated to raising awareness amongst the Christian community about the need for ongoing support for people in prisons. We do this through providing pastoral care in correctional centres.

Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy has provided effective and coordinated pastoral care in Correctional Centres since 1978. Today, there are around 30 Chaplains in Correctional Centres located throughout Queensland.

We are one of six Christian chaplaincy organisations supplying volunteer chaplains in Queensland Corrective Services facilities, under a Service Level Agreement administered by the State Chaplaincy Board.

Prisoners are people!

Every person in prison has a story. As families are torn apart through violence and abandonment, communities fray and crime increases. Every person in prison is someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister… people separated from their families, or who have never had a real family. While they are serving their sentence for their crime, they are still people – part of our community but generally ignored and forgotten by wider society. They are often isolated, afraid, angry and hurting.

People in prison often lose self-esteem, and all sense of worth upon imprisonment. They also lose decision making power and quite often feel as if they are “just a number in a system”, with little support in preparing for their transition back to life outside.

Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy provides that support.

Chaplains provide emotional and spiritual support, helping people in prison to begin the journey of transformation. Chaplains are often people with a wealth of positive life experience to draw upon, who freely give their time to people in prison – seeking guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Chaplains help a person in prison to form a positive worldview and discover his or her true identity, intrinsic value and worth.

The change which can occur through therapeutic programs in jail is supported by a chaplain’s accompanying guidance – providing a real catalyst for change.

For more information, please visit the Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy website, or follow Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy on Facebook. If you would like to organise contact from one of our chaplains for a loved one who is in prison, please complete your details in the form below, so that we can be in touch with you.