Mandatory Public Disclosure – Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021

The Queensland Government has passed laws that legalised Voluntary Assisted Dying from 1 January 2023.

As a ministry of Queensland Baptists, we believe that God has ordained life and all people carry inherent value to Him.

We know some of our residents may wish to explore voluntary assisted dying as an option, and we respect their right to choose. If residents in our care wish to access voluntary assisted dying, we will support them to do so, however Carinity will not play an active role in the voluntary assisted dying process.

Carinity is legally obliged to provide the following support to our residents:

Permanent residents

If you are a permanent resident at a Carinity residential aged care community, we will enable access by a doctor or nurse providing voluntary assisted dying. There may be times when you need to leave the community to meet with a voluntary assisted dying doctor or nurse if they are unable to visit you in the community. We will help you do this. You will be welcome to return to the community after your appointment.

Non-permanent residents

If you are at a Carinity residential aged care community for respite care or temporary care and wish to access voluntary assisted dying, we will support you to do this. For some parts of the process, you may need to be transferred to and from another place, so you can access voluntary assisted dying. We will facilitate this transfer if it is needed and ensure it does not impact your care or condition. We will continue to provide you with other medical care and treatment at our community.