Dining at Carinity

Food and dining has so much meaning in our lives. From the shared joy of a meal with friends, celebrating special occasions with family or simply the comfort of a favourite dish, food is inextricably linked with memory and enjoyment every day. 

Our hospitality team are passionate about creating a dining experience that brings happiness for our residents every day. From developing menus that acknowledge the preferences of residents to creating exciting dishes that champion local produce, our team of chefs and cooks delight in serving nourishing, delicious meals in our communities.  

Meals in all our communities are cooked fresh on site, with ample choice on the menu. Appetites are encouraged by all the sights and sounds of home cooking, and requests for favourites are always welcomed. 

Carinity’s team are experts at catering for residents with dietary requirements, whether they be medical or cultural, creating delicious and visually appealing dishes to ensure no-one misses out at mealtimes. 

Living with purpose. Meaningful ageing.