Life without a postcode

“I am proud of myself and of my school and I’ve never been proud of anything before. Being proud feels amazing.”

This was the message of just one student at Carinity Education – Southside who had her art being exhibited at Memories…lost but not forgotten at BEMAC in Kangaroo Point last night. Many of the students struggle with issues such as domestic violence

Feminist, scholar, writer and teacher Dale Spender was Guest Speaker at the exhibition celebrating the artistic achievements of young women from Queensland’s only school established for girls disengaged from traditional education.

“I am so overwhelmed by the talent and determination of the young women who have work exhibited,” Ms Spender said.

“There is this movement from the government around the possibilities of decent education for young people which emphasises that no young person should let their postcode determine their future life. But what of those who don’t have a postcode?”

“Having a postcode is the barest necessity for an identity in today’s world. If you don’t have a postcode you don’t have a home which can mean a number of things including a place of safety and conformation and a starting point for being able to get a bank account and a job,” she said.

“The girls at Southside often don’t have a postcode or a conventional home but what they do have is a substitute in the form of a wonderful school that assists them with aspiration, gives them the tools to provide commitment and security, where they can further develop their talent, skills and sense of wellbeing.”

“Such a public acknowledgement of the girls artistic endeavour speaks for the perseverance of the girls and represents a creative outlet that helps them to gain confidence and to mage some of the issues that confront them.”

Carinity Education – Southside is an independent all-girls secondary school that aims to remove the barriers to education and to nurture the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and ethical development of young women.

Dale Spender’s full speech here.

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