Lagoon breakfast a treat for green thumbs and bird lovers

Green thumbs and bird lovers with a taste for delicious food will be in for a treat when the annual Breakfast at the Lagoon event returns to Carinity Shalom in Rockhampton on May 25.

A scrumptious barbeque breakfast will be dished up under a large marquee set beside a scenic lagoon, served with a side of bird watching and expert guest speakers.

Gardening guru Tom Wyatt, pictured, will speak about organic gardening at the event being held at the Carinity Shalom retirement community.

For more than 35 years, Tom has given tips to listeners of ABC Capricornia radio’s gardening talkback show, also heard on the airwaves in other parts of Queensland.

He wrote the book All Your Gardening Questions Answered and has travelled around Queensland presenting at gardening shows and expos.

“I come from a rural background, not breeding cattle but breeding plants. Gardening technologies have changed quite a bit but the basics of gardening are still there from 2,000 years ago, and we’ve just got to harness it,” Tom says.

Tom is credited with “greening” Rockhampton. He pushed for the Kershaw Gardens botanic gardens to be built and the city’s memorial gardens to be revitalised.

“Instead of being mournful places I like to make memorial gardens a pleasant and happy place to be and have morning tea with your relatives,” Tom says.

“We wanted to overcome the negativity of some people regarding children in a botanic garden. You’ll never see in the gardens where I have been signs saying ‘Keep off the grass’.

“We welcome children to come and play and run through gardens and on lawns because they are learning while they’re doing that. And when they become adults they’ll always come back to their fondest memory – and most of them will include running through Kershaw Gardens.”

Breakfast at the Lagoon spokesperson Graham Harvey is excited that the popular gardening expert is presenting at the event.

“Tom possesses a wealth of information on all things plants and is a walking encyclopedia of gardening knowledge. I don’t think there was ever a gardening question from listeners that he couldn’t answer,” Graham says.

“Breakfast at the Lagoon guests can enjoy the environment at the lagoon with birdwatching, spotting winged wildlife with a telescope with comments from avian experts, followed by a new kite display over the water.”

Keith Ireland, whose stunning photographs feature in the annual Rotary Birds of Australia Calendar, will speak to guests about birds to be featured in the 2020 calendar raising money for cancer research.

Graham anticipates around 200 people will attend the Breakfast at the Lagoon event, which began almost 20 years ago.

“The lagoon is one of Rockhampton’s hidden little gems and a beautiful and serene backdrop to enjoy an informative morning, a scrumptious breakfast and chat with good company – all with a great view,” Graham says.

Breakfast at Lagoon is at Carinity Shalom, 121 Maloney Street, North Rockhampton on Saturday May 25 starting at 7.15am.

The cost of the breakfast is $7 for adults and $5 for children under 13 years of age.

Bookings close midday on Friday May 24. To RSVP or more information phone 4923 9500 (business hours) or 0413 944 624 or 4923 7532 (outside business hours) or email

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