Helping seniors navigate home care “minefield”

New home care packages for seniors were a feature of the recent Federal Budget, however accessing funding and choosing the right home care service for an older family member can be problematic.

Carinity Home Care provides seniors and their family members with an understanding of how home care packages work and how to access Federal Government funding for the services.

Carinity Home Care helped Dave and Andrea Williamson access funding for a Federal Government-subsidised home care package, which they found quite confusing.

“Walking through the Government paperwork is a minefield and trying to decipher what they’re all trying to say is just mind boggling,” Dave says.

Andrea adds: “For people who don’t have clarity of mind, to go through some of the paperwork that you get is hard to understand without some help.”

Carinity Home Care can answer questions for seniors and their families at free information sessions and morning teas held around Queensland.

“Whether you’re just starting to look in to available support or feeling like you may require a little extra help at home, Carinity Home Care is here to answer all your questions” Rachel Laws from Carinity Home Care says.

Home care packages provide older people with services designed to keep them living independently in their own homes, such as nursing, personal care, household chores, gardening, shopping, transport and therapy.

The Williamsons sought Carinity Home Care help with cleaning and gardening around the house after Dave was hospitalised following a fall.

“I wanted someone to help with the grass and help look after the gardens for me because that’s what I enjoy but I’m now unable to do it. Carinity was able to provide that service for us,” says Dave, who also receives weekly physiotherapy.

Andrea says home care help allows her and her husband to maintain their independence and feel safe and secure in their Brisbane home, where she has lived for almost 60 years.

“I’d love to stay here until they carry me out – I don’t really want to move.  I don’t see that we really will need to move with Carinity coming in with their caring,” Andrea says.

“We’re lucky that we have family that will support us but there are times when they can’t do it because they’re busy themselves. Carinity is only a phone call away and they will organise things for you.”

Rachel says Carinity Home Care allows seniors to “live the life they love, in the home they’ve always loved”.

“We’re all about people living their lives to the fullest.  We tailor solutions to your needs and aspirations.  Whatever you or your loved one want to get out of life, we’ll work with you to make it happen,” Rachel says.

For more information visit or phone 1300 109 109.

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