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Our chaplains are Christians who work to see transformation in the lives of men and women in prison. Within two years of release, 38% of prisoners will be back behind bars. We aim to break this cycle through supporting prisoners to change their lives.

We can make a significant difference but only through the generosity of our donors and prayer supporters, our volunteer chaplains’ time and passion, and the support of Carinity. We are thankful for the government contributions which, although minimal, support us in chaplain travel costs and administration.

We believe a prisoner’s journey of transformation requires support not just while in prison, but when they are out as well. Our post-release mentoring services, and the training of our chaplains, does not receive any government funding. Every dollar you donate goes directly to providing Inside Out Chaplaincy services. With a daily cost of around $190* for each person in prison, by supporting people in custody and those leaving prison, we are potentially saving $1.5 million dollars for each 18-year-old we help stop from returning to the system.

Our program relies heavily on donations, and would not be as effective without your support. You can support Carinity by making a one-off donation or by having an amount deducted regularly from your credit card. Giving regularly ensures that there is continuity in our work to those in need.

Please support us by donating by credit card over the telephone – call us on (07) 3550 3737 or using the form below.

Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy is a volunteer organisation holding Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office and is recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution.

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