From little things, big things grow

Dalby Baptist Church’s Food Garden project is not yet a year old, and there are already big plans on the horizon.

The “no-dig” garden means all items are in planters and are off the ground allowing children, people with a disability and seniors to participate.

Dalby Baptist Church’s Vicki Payne says a Carinity Innovation Grant was used to build a propagation shed, allowing them to grow food from seeds protected from pests, heat and storms.

“ At the moment we’re working with Work for the Dole to allow people to develop skills in the primary production industry as well as set up the garden for us. We have a full-time supervisor who assists us.” Site Supervisor Joe Graham says there are big plans for the future of the project.

“ The intention is to have a practical engagement with the community via an outreach ministry. At the moment we’re focusing on positive cash flow and putting it back into the community, but eventually, I see the project developing into another industry for Dalby through the growing of specialist crops and horticultural research.”

“ Primary production is very important in Dalby, and we’re hoping to show more sustainable ways of growing and new niche crops.”

“ We’re on the Lord’s time, but we hope it to be a long-term project that makes a significant difference to the Dalby community.”

The Carinity Innovation Grants open in May each year for Queensland Baptist Churches. For more information, go to

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