Family praises nurse with “wonderful heart”

One of Carinity’s nurses with a “wonderful heart” has received glowing public praise for going above and beyond in his care of Brisbane seniors.

A resident of the Carinity Wishart Gardens aged care community was feeling a little down, until a Registered Nurse named Derek Or did something beautiful to bring a smile to her face.

Derek Or at Carinity Wishart Gardens in Brisbane
Derek Or is a Registered Nurse at the Carinity Wishart Gardens aged care community.

The 93-year-old resident was feeling upset as her daughter had been very ill, her granddaughter Kelly told ABC Radio Brisbane.

Kelly expressed her gratitude for Derek during the “Thank You Thursdays” segment on the Afternoons with Katherine Feeney program.

“I went and saw my Nan recently after they had called and said that she had deteriorated as my Mum is really sick at the moment,” Kelly said.

“Derek was in there singing to my Nan just to try and get her to perk up a bit, which was really lovely. He was absolutely wonderful and it was so nice to know she (my Nan) is in hands that are so caring.

“When you know you’ve got people with hearts like Derek’s it makes it a little bit easier.

“She’s precious to us and you’re looking after the most important thing in our lives so we appreciate the heart that you have for these elderly people.”

Derek says he enjoys bringing joy to the residents at Carinity Wishart Gardens, where he has worked for three years.

“It can be by just talking or just singing. Although I don’t have a good singing voice and am limited to a few songs like You Are My Sunshine and You Are Beautiful, I do my best,” he explains.

“I’m very touched and I’m very grateful and appreciative of what Kelly has said. It is very encouraging for myself and for the rest of us nurses.”

Derek Or is a Registered Nurse at the Carinity Wishart Gardens aged care community.
Derek has worked for Carinity for the past three years.

Derek admits while it has been “not easy at all” for aged care residents and staff during the COVID-19 situation, memories of his late grandmother is helping to fuel his passion for caring for older Queenslanders.

“After my Nanna passed away for me it was very stressful and I know the grief period can be very raw and be very long,” Derek says.

“What I did was to convert all the energy of grief and sadness into something that I look forward to – to give, to help and to make another resident smile one more day.

“Every moment I see them smiling one more time I’m just so happy.”

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