Fairfield Grange returning back to normal after Townsville flood

Carinity CEO Jon Campbell has praised the efforts of staff at the Fairfield Grange aged care community during the devastating flood event in Townsville.

“This past week has been very challenging for many of our staff in Townsville as they faced rising floodwaters in their city, at their homes and their workplaces.  It has been a harrowing experience for many people, especially for those whose homes have been inundated. Our hearts go out to them at this very difficult time,” Jon says.

Fairfield Grange relocated ground floor residents to the upper floors of the building as a precaution, with power supplied by an onsite generator. Some Carinity staff were stranded at work for several days due to flooding.

“Staff have worked tirelessly under difficult conditions to ensure the safety of residents and keep spirits high. While some employees were isolated and unable to come to work, a handful of enterprising staff made their way to the riverbanks and community members with boats ferried them to dry land where Army personnel drove them through flooded roads to work,” Jon says.

“Additionally, our Carinity Shalom Christian College in Townsville postponed commencement until flood waters receded and it was safe for students to travel to school. College staff helped out at Fairfield Grange by washing away mud and doing the laundry.”

Townsville City Council workers undertook sandbagging at the Fairfield Grange building ahead of more heavy rain, following what Mayor Jenny Hill described as a “one-in-500-year” flood event. 

“We are so grateful for the enormous sacrifice our staff, the local community and emergency services personnel are making during this flood crisis to ensure those in our care are not in harm’s way,” Jon says.

“While we have suffered some water damage to the ground floor of Fairfield Grange, we can be thankful that no one in the Carinity family have been injured. We pray for our staff and their families and the residents and students and their families at this time.”

Things are returning to normal with fresh food and fruit being delivered, plumbers and electricians on site doing repair work, and electricity switched back on following use of generator power.

Fairfield Grange residents got back into the swing of their social activities yesterday by enjoying art classes and live music from local singers.

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