Chaplain’s Chat – Shining lights

Rainbows fascinate me – not just the magnificent array of colours, but the science behind the spectacle.

The colours coming out of the rainbow are created by white light from the sun, but that same white light contains all the colours of the rainbow ready for you to see. The colour of any object is just white light, less the shades of the rainbow the object absorbs. For example, grass looks green because it traps blue and yellow tints of colour.

That gets me thinking. Jesus says Christians are to be the light of the world. We have to reflect all of God’s qualities to those around us. Not many do that consistently. Sometimes, rather than reflecting God’s light, we absorb parts of it, consuming it to deal with our own imperfections and needs. When we do this, the world sees the pure light we reflect as being reduced by the light we absorb.

To the extent that I absorb God’s comfort to deal with my own grief, I may not be able to offer comfort to others. But once I am consoled, I will be able to reflect God’s comfort to them. If I am having trouble forgiving myself, I may find it hard not to hold grudges. A genuine experience of God’s grace can free me to
pardon others.

Once the light of God’s love has restored and healed me, I am able to reflect that particular wavelength to others and become a therapeutic influence in their life.

As God’s light enables me to overcome difficulties, I can empower others to do the same. When I clearly see the role God has for me in this world, I can inspire others to find a sense of meaning.

Jesus rose from the dead to be the light of the world. His perfectly trusting relationship with his father enabled him to fully reflect the light of God to bring physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing. Whatever the colour of your soul, God’s desire is to restore it towards a brilliant white, freeing you to be able
to follow in His footsteps.

GREG MURPHY, Chaplaincy Coordinator: Hospitals and Aged Care

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