Chaplain tracks down resident’s long-lost family

A resident’s Christmas wish to track down his long-lost sisters has been granted thanks to the help of the chaplain at Carinity Aged Care – Brookfield.

Lyndon Niemann said that 77-year-old Ian Crellin lost track of his three sisters after moving to Brisbane from Sydney and hadn’t seen them in almost 20 years.

However, a major Google search on his sisters’ names and numerous phone calls finally bore fruit and Mr Crellin’s sister made contact with the Brookfield aged care centre.

“Ian is a lovely man who has had at least two heart attacks and two strokes that I know of. He had spoken to a number of Dart Wing residents about wanting to make contact with his sisters, who he hadn’t seen in 18 years. He was really missing them and I was approached to help track them down. As far as Ian was aware his third sister had passed away,” he said.

Chaplain Niemann said that he was delighted when Mr Crellin’s sister finally returned his call after he left a message on her answering machine.

“There were tears on both sides when Ian finally spoke to his sister after all these years. He has now spoken to his two older sisters Marie and Wendy and we found out that his third sister Christine isn’t dead but still lives in Victoria. I have given all three sisters Brookfield’s address and the family is going to keep in touch. What a lovely Christmas story,” said Chaplain Niemann.

Ian worked as a Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) engineer in Cairns and Sydney, but he ended up moving around from job to job after leaving this profession and eventually ended up in Brisbane where his health started deteriorating. This is one of the reasons why he lost contact with his three sisters who are all now living in rural Victoria.

But for now, Ian is just making up for lost time, with regular phone calls and chats with his sisters.

He said that he was “very grateful” for Chaplain Niemann’s help and the support of Brookfield Care Manager Nadia Fletcher because a number of people had tried to locate his sisters before, to no avail.

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