CEO’s Message – Belong Edition 28 Copy

Supporting those during change

It is said that a change is as good as a holiday. However, a change in life circumstances, particularly when it occurs suddenly or unexpectedly, can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.

Sometimes there can understandably be apprehension about starting a new chapter. Carinity specialises in supporting people through these phases in their lives.

Feeling informed and prepared for change can help give people a sense of control in an otherwise unfamiliar situation. Whether it is young people starting at one of our schools, or seniors moving into one of our retirement villages or residential aged care communities, Carinity provides expert support to ensure the next steps of their journey are smooth ones.

Our nurses, teachers, chaplains, counsellors and other team members relish walking alongside those who require support. Even more heartening for us at Carinity is seeing how the people we have assisted are now flourishing within their respective communities.

In this edition of Belong we speak to some of those who have prospered from partnering with Carinity to create exciting new futures for themselves. This includes young people who have graduated from our secondary schools and seniors navigating their retirement journey. A common thread amongst the stories is the confidence our customers gain from the support and continuity of care provided by Carinity.

I trust that over the Christmas period, and with the arrival of a new year, you and your loved ones have had time to reflect and get excited about God’s plans for us in 2023 – and into the future.

Through our Belong magazine, I look forward to sharing with our supporters more stories about how Carinity is helping people live more fulfilling lives throughout the new year.



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