Brisbane centenarian moves into aged care

An aged care community on Brisbane’s south side has welcomed the newest member of the Carinity 100 Club for centenarians.

Stanley Carr recently moved to Carinity Wishart Gardens after living independently at his home at nearby Mt Gravatt East until the age of 100.

Brisbane centenarian Stanley Carr
Brisbane centenarian Stanley Carr was inducted into the Carinity 100 Club after moving into his local aged care community.

He was born on 28 June 1922 and grew up in Rosebud, a seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne.

“Stan had a great childhood. He can’t remember his parents ever arguing. He loved riding his bike a couple of miles to the beach to go swimming after school,” family friend Karen Norman said.

“He enjoyed riding his motorbike and hanging out with his friends. Later in life his two-seater car was his pride and joy.”

Known as a “real gentleman” and an easy-going person, Stanley also loved ice skating, was a good gymnast and avid soccer player.

“Stan was always very fit when he was young, which he thinks has helped him to live so long. He also never drank or smoked,” Karen said.

Stanley married his wife Neba in the 1940s, around the time of World War II. They were together for around 70 years and Stanley was Neba’s primary carer until she passed away a decade ago.

“After they moved up to Queensland they travelled a lot, going up north as far as they could go. They also enjoyed holidays at Mooloolaba,” Karen said.

A real handyman, Stanley worked as an engineer in Victoria and Queensland.

“If something was broken, he would always fix it. He wouldn’t buy anything new. Just before he retired, he worked fixing machines in bakeries that broke down,” Karen said.

“Stan worked hard all his life and was proud to own his own house and a car.”


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