Teachers making a difference in the lives of young people

Today, on World Teachers’ Day, Carinity recognises the contribution of over 170 dedicated teachers and staff who work at five Carinity Education schools across Queensland.

Teachers Cassie Benjamin, Jacqueline Gregory and Shanon Swadling with Carinity Education Gladstone students
Teachers Cassie Benjamin, Jacqueline Gregory and Shannon Swadling with Carinity Education Gladstone students.

Carinity Acting CEO, David Angell acknowledged the school staff who “teach students good foundations for the rest of their lives” and “help to equip young adults for what awaits outside the school grounds”.

Carinity Education staff support the academic, social, physical, spiritual and mental development of the vulnerable young people who attend our schools. It has been inspirational watching our education team continue to deliver life-changing experiences for our students,” David said.

“Through the ups and the downs, the safe, caring environment they provide – where students are enabled and encouraged to discover their full potential – transcends traditional teaching and is genuinely amazing.”

Carinity Education Rockhampton, Principal, Lyn Harland is “very proud of the hard work and dedication of our senior school educators”.

“We know how challenging it can be to keep students engaged daily with a positive mindset. Our team work collaboratively to engage and ensure our young people excel within their chosen pathways,” Lyn said.

Sian Fullagar, who teaches Years 11 and 12 at Carinity Education Rockhampton, is inspired to “make a difference” in the lives of young people.

“I became a teacher because I found school very difficult, and I struggled to learn. Once I found out the secret to learning and became successful later at university, I wanted to help students who, like me, find school difficult so that I could hopefully make a difference in someone’s life,” Sian said.

“We take the time to build a good rapport with each student to help them productively engage in their learning. Once respect has been earned, learning can take place more willingly.”

Carinity Education Rockhampton teachers Sian Fullagar and Matt Matthew Shields.
Carinity Education Rockhampton teachers Sian Fullagar and Matthew Shields.

Belinda Culley believes she had an “innate calling” to become a teacher.

“From a very young age, I seemed to be instinctively drawn to the profession. As a child, I vividly remember role-playing being a teacher with my neighbours, friends and stuffed toys,” Belinda said.

“Throughout my own educational journey, I have seen how the educators in my life have influenced me, both positively and negatively, and how these interactions made a direct impact on how I viewed myself as a learner.”

Now a visual art and learning support teacher at Carinity Education Southside in Brisbane, Belinda felt compelled to nurture future learners and to “make learning a supportive and edifying experience”.

“Knowing that I can be instrumental in the lives of our students who have been marginalised due to a variety of reasons is a great privilege. Watching students learn to engage with curriculum and supporting their journey of growth is the most rewarding part of working at Carinity Education Southside,” Belinda said.

Carinity Education Southside teacher Belinda Culley assists a student in art class.
Carinity Education Southside teacher Belinda Culley assists a student in art class.

For Briony Eddison, being a Prep teacher at Carinity Education Shalom in Townsville since 2019 has been most unlike her other teaching experiences.

“The class sizes allow us to get to know each and every student in a way that just isn’t possible in mainstream schools with bigger classes. The feeling amongst staff is incredibly supportive and everyone is willing to do more than is expected,” Briony said.

“Never in my entire career have I been so rewarded by the day-to-day accomplishments of students. The students have got into my heart in a way no other students ever have. Every day I go home exhausted but with a very full heart!”


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