Carinity school shares vision for empowering women

Carinity Education Southside’s mission is to offer young women hope for their future, no matter what challenges they are facing.

Share the Dignity’s vision is to ensure every woman is afforded the dignity in life that many of us take for granted.

The partnership between the organisations was strengthened when Carinity Education Southside Deputy Principal Christine Harman was a guest speaker at the DigniTea event held at Brisbane City Hall on May 26.

Attended by almost 800 people, it was one of 11 fundraising events held around Australia for Share the Dignity, which provides free sanitary items to women who are homeless, escaping domestic violence or marginalised.

Christine, pictured centre, spoke alongside actor Rebecca Gibney, author and journalist Madonna King, Queensland Deputy Premier Jacki Tradd and Share the Dignity founder and CEO Rochelle Courtenay.

“We came together to celebrate the achievements of the charity in restoring dignity to our most vulnerable women. It was a wonderful event that we at Carinity Education Southside were very proud to be a part of,” Christine says.

“Carinity Education Southside is a proud partner and supporter of Share the Dignity, being one of the first schools to have a Pink Box vending machine installed.

“Last year we also handed out more than 30 “It’s in the Bag” handbags, which contain essential items for women who are homeless or escaping domestic violence.”

Carinity Education Southside was the first school in Brisbane to have a PinkBox vending machine installed on campus, to supply free Period Packs containing pads and tampons.

“Period poverty impacts on the girls who attend our school but Share the Dignity has helped remove this barrier to education and lift the shame that so many vulnerable young women attach to simply being a woman,” Christine says.

Having a PinkBox vending machine at Carinity Education Southside saves students between $8 and $20 per month.

“Students who can’t afford feminine hygiene products sometimes choose to stay home from school when they have their period. Now these products are available to the girls discretely and for free they can attend school without fear and stress,” Christine says.

“It is another way Carinity Education Southside is helping to remove the barriers some females face in accessing education.”

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