Carinity school’s dog brings joy to seniors

Today is International Dog Day – and to celebrate we have a ‘paw-some’ little tale of puppy love to share!

Maverick is the resident therapy dog at Carinity Education Rockhampton, a special assistance school. There the specially trained Tamaruke provides the ‘paw-fect’ pick-me-up for students going through a rough patch.

Maverick the Carinity Education Rockhampton therapy dog with Adrienne Jackson, a resident of the Carinity Shalom aged care community
Adrienne Jackson, a resident of the Carinity Shalom aged care community, enjoys a visit from Maverick the Carinity Education Rockhampton therapy dog.

“Maverick has had a wonderful effect on our students. If a child is upset Maverick will come and sit with that child and get close so they can share a comforting hug if the student wants to,” said Carinity Education Rockhampton Principal, Lyn Harland.

“Not only does Maverick play an important role at the school, he also visits local aged care residents and undertakes other engagements within the wider community.”

Following months of specialised training, the two-year-old canine began visiting the Carinity Shalom aged care community this year.

Carinity Shalom’s Activities Officer, Donna Hinchliffe, says residents of the seniors’ home love visits from their four-legged friend who brings them comfort and joy.

“The residents just love Maverick and look forward to his visits. Their faces light up when they see him, and their smiles are priceless. It is so heart-warming to see, and the staff love being around Maverick too,” Donna said.

Maverick was gifted to Carinity Education Rockhampton by Singleton dog breeder Tamaruke, which has genetically developed the breed over the past 30 years specifically to be companion animals.

“They are smart, intuitive, and easily trained. Their exceptional traits make them such wonderful therapy dogs, comfort dogs, assistance dogs, medic alert dogs and comfort dogs,” Tamaruke Manager Monique Buckley said.

Maverick the therapy dog from Carinity Education Rockhampton visits Carinity Shalom resident Jill Curtis
Maverick the Tamaruke therapy dog makes a new friend in Carinity Shalom resident, Jill Curtis.

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