Carinity continuing care for seniors during virus crisis

In these uncertain times, the effects of social isolation can be particularly stressful for people living alone, including older members of the community.

Carinity is ensuring the continuity of care for seniors through its in-home care service.

“While some home care providers have scaled back or ceased services for seniors, Carinity Home Care remains committed to supporting older residents,” Manager of Carinity Youth and Community Services Janelle Heyse says.

“During the pandemic, Carinity Home Care is continuing to assist older Queenslanders to stay healthy and safe at home with a range of services including assisting with personal and nursing care, social support, attending appointments, shopping, and other activities.”

One service available to Carinity Home Care clients to support social connection is Mobi powered by Breezie, a fully personalised, simple-to-use tablet specifically designed for seniors that cuts through the complexities of technology.

“With unlimited access to the internet, Mobi makes it easy for seniors to stay in touch with friends, family and their Lifestyle Coordinator,” Janelle says.

“In addition, access to video calling and telehealth integrations allows you to discuss your health matters and care without having to leave your home.

“Using this technology can improve health and wellbeing outcomes for seniors and help them to maintain mental fitness via apps, games and music therapy.”

Nychelle Hanlon, who runs classes on tablet devices and technology for seniors in Hervey Bay, says the devices can help seniors to stay socially connected.

“Isolation is a big issue for seniors. Tablets are a brilliant way to keep in touch with family. By using Skype through the internet, you can speak to and see people anywhere in the world for free,” Nychelle says.

Carinity Home Care is balancing the need to support seniors with adhering to COVID-19 virus control measures.

Janelle Heyse says a comprehensive virus infection management and control system ensures Carinity “retains the capacity to maintain safe and effective services for our clients”.

“All staff have received recent additional training in preparation for COVID-19 and follow strict infection control procedures to ensure the safety of our clients,” Janelle says.

“The Department of Health has advised they will support us with advice and a supply of appropriate protective equipment for our staff to use should we need to provide care to clients who have coronavirus.   

“We also encourage everyone in the community, including seniors, to observe hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing measures.”

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