Carinity Chaplains Appeal 2024

It is the time of the year that we ask for your financial support to continue growing and expanding our chaplaincy services. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. They will help Carinity continue changing the lives of vulnerable people in schools, prisons, hospitals, and aged care communities across the state. We thank you in advance for partnering with us to reflect God’s love to people in need.

Thanks to our generous donors, Carinity’s chaplaincy services have grown substantially during the past year. This expansion allows us to bring God’s love to more people in need.

In last year’s Chaplains Appeal, we detailed how each Carinity school gets funding for a little over one day per week of school chaplaincy. While we appreciate this funding, it is not enough to cope with the unique needs of our students. The money raised in last year’s appeal has helped ensure every Carinity school now has at least one dedicated, fulltime chaplain. The fulltime presence of chaplains in our schools is a blessing for our students, many of whom have faced a difficult upbringing, mental health issues or personal difficulties.

The 2023 Appeal also asked for your support in helping us continue to grow our Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy (IOPC) service. Your ongoing prayers and financial support helped make it happen. We now have the most IOPC chaplains in the 50-year history of the ministry. Our growth will allow IOPC to deliver Alpha, an interactive course that helps participants understand more about Jesus, in prisons throughout the state. This is a great chance to bring hope to many people in prison. We look forward to reporting to you on the program’s success.

Below, you’ll find some of the stories that illustrate why our chaplains are so dedicated to their mission.

Your support can help us create more positive stories and continue this vital work.

Prisoners born again through Christ

While there are many roads to salvation, the path taken by Gerald Ross is testament not only to the glory that can be achieved when we invite God into our lives, but also the transformative effects that Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy has on people in prison throughout Queensland.

Compassionate support for aged care residents

Cath Millar and Tara MacDonald support seniors living at the Carinity Fairfield Grange aged care community in Townsville. As chaplains they are able to take the time to simply listen. They can validate a resident's feelings and offer to pray with them around this new season of their life.