Carinity Chaplains Appeal 2023

It is the time of year when we ask you to consider supporting the vital work conducted by Carinity Chaplains. While we appreciate all donations, this year we specifically pray for support for our school and prison chaplaincy programs.

Chaplaincy is an essential part of creating a safe space in Carinity’s six schools.  Chaplains journey with students, who may be marginalised due to a difficult upbringing, mental health issues or personal difficulties, to help them navigate the numerous challenges they face in their young lives.

Carinity’s school chaplains are partly funded by the Federal Government’s National Student Wellbeing Program, which on average covers a little over one day of chaplaincy per week in each school. While we are grateful to have this funding, it is insufficient to cope with the demand created by the unique needs of our students. Money raised in this appeal will help cover the funding shortfall between the hours worked by chaplains and the funding we receive from the Government.

Our Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy (IOPC) service provides pastoral care to people in prison. Unfortunately, due to overcrowding and other systemic issues, correctional services struggle to rehabilitate offenders as well as they might. IOPC exists to assist prisoners by focussing on three specific goals: helping transform the lives of people in prison; creating pathways for people in prison to re-enter society; and working with people leaving the prison system to reduce the likelihood that they will reoffend.

The stories below are some of the reasons why our chaplains do what they do. Your support can help us to create more positive stories.

Finding faith in prison - A life transformed

Carl was caught by police driving a truckload of stolen goods and found himself in a prison cell, awaiting sentencing. That’s where he first met George, a volunteer prison chaplain with Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy.

Chaplains providing invaluable support in schools

As school chaplain at Carinity Education Glendyne in Hervey Bay, Jade Hislop offers non-judgmental support to students who may be experiencing a difficult time in their young lives.