When carers feel like friends

The comfort and confidence that comes with familiarity is a true blessing.

For Carinity Home Care client James and his wife Jenny, this was such an important part of choosing Carinity when looking for care that allowed James to remain living at home after his diagnosis of a progressive nervous system disease.

Carinity Home Care client James and his carer Philly enjoy playing games together
Carinity Home Care client James and his carer Philly enjoy playing games together.

“We heard of Carinity through the Baptist church we attend in Forest Lake. We’d heard other providers in the area would send a different carer each visit,” shares Jenny.

“Having a regular carer was really important for us, so when another couple at church spoke about their Carinity carer being the same person each visit, we called Carinity.”

James adds, “In the six years Carinity have been supporting me at home, I’ve been blessed to have had three of the best carers. With one or two consistent carers you lose the embarrassment as you get to know them so well.”

As James’ disease has progressed, Jenny has continued to feel the blessing of his long-term carers, Philly and Lyn.

“The biggest plus is the peace of mind I have knowing I can go out and leave James with someone I know, someone I can trust. James’ carers are our friends,” she says.

The shared interests between James and his carers really shines through during their time together. Soccer-mad James and Lyn regularly chat about the sport, often watching games from around the world together.

James and his wife enjoy the comfort of having the same Carinity Home Care team member provide care to him.
James and his wife enjoy the comfort and piece of mind of having the same Carinity Home Care team member provide regular care to him.

James equally loves learning about different cultures, spending hours with Philly discussing her family and Solomon Islands background.

And there’s always a game of Snakes & Ladders on the go, but the verdict is still out on who the winner is as there seems to be a lot of cheating from both sides – but always forgiveness!
According to Philly, the opportunity for familiarity is equally enjoyed by James’ carers.

“They are not just a client, but a friend. We respect and understand each other, and we have clear boundaries around each other’s likes and dislikes.

“When we have to make a change to how I deliver care, like changing how I support James’ showering, we work together. It’s not just me telling him how we are going to do it, he tells me what works for him.”

James believes people who care for seniors “have been touched by the hand of God.” Philly’s calling to caring came after 25 years in hospitality.

“The connection I have with my clients is everything that I miss from my family back in the Solomons. Caring for someone is a beautiful feeling. When I leave a client’s home I am so satisfied. It’s so rewarding to give care,” she says.


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