Behind prison walls, tomorrow is like yesterday

In prison, a place populated by lost souls, each day feels like an eternity and each day is like the last.

Walking into prison, new prisoners often feel like their life has ended. Their solitude feels like a life sentence.

Incarcerated in a correctional centre in south-east Queensland, Chris* received support without judgement from a volunteer prison chaplain from Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy, which is operated by Carinity.

Chris says the prison chaplain, David, is a “beautiful, kind, compassionate gentleman and chaplain”.

“Not only has he helped me enormously on my journey here, through prayer and rich Bible knowledge, he has helped me connect comfortably with other inmates,” Chris explains.

“This type of service ministry is priceless to those of us going through challenging circumstances.”

David is one of around 30 volunteer Inside Out prison chaplains working multi-denominationally in support of men and women in correctional centres between Mareeba and the Gold Coast.

“More than ever, people in prison need a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on,” David says.

“Each prisoner finds themself in a position where they often have the time and the inclination to seek help and support.

“Seeing changes in the people in prison who seek to get their lives on track is just the best.”

Chris hopes other men and women in prison may one day turn to Christ so they can experience salvation through faith.

“I thank you for the invaluable service you provide to all the jails, changing the lives of many and connecting them to our saviour and Father.”

More than ever, some of our community’s most vulnerable – people in prisons and hospitals, students requiring special assistance, aged people in residential care and people living at home with care assistance – need generous ongoing support.

Please support Carinity by partnering with us on our mission – making a real difference to people in need – by donating to the Carinity Chaplains Appeal.

To learn more about Carinity chaplaincy support or how to join the team visit the Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy website.

* Name has been changed.

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