April Falls Day

Every day in Queensland, as a result of a fall:

  • 1 person will die,
  • 36 people will be admitted to hospital,
  • 10 people will have hip fractures.

Falls are preventable. We all have a role to play.

Many people think falls are a normal part of life and aging. The truth is, they’re not.
30% of people over 65 fall each year but falls can be prevented, and you have the power to reduce your risk.

Keep Active – With regular exercise the number of falls reduces by 23%.
Exercise regularly to maintain balance, muscle strength and flexibility. For optimal physical and mental health, it is recommended that all adults (regardless of age, health, or ability) do 30-60 minutes of physical activity most days. Start slow and build up gradually.

Medication – Know how medicine affects you and discuss side-effects with your pharmacist or doctor.

Eyesight – Have your eyes checked once a year and keep glasses clean. Wear separate glasses for reading and moving around.

Footwear – Wear well fitting, flat shoes with non-slip soles.

Take care and don’t rush Ask for help when you are having difficulty and don’t put yourself at risk.

Around 50% of falls occur in and around the home.

Slipping hazards – Use non-slip mats or floor treatments. Have handrails installed in areas like bathroom, toilet and at the front and back door.

Tripping hazards – Remove tripping hazards around your home and garden.

Lighting – Increase the level of light in your home. Eliminate glare. Use lights when getting up at night.

Getting help – Keep in daily contact with someone who can organise help if you need it, especially in an emergency.