Aged care nurse crafts a great fundraiser

An aged care nurse, who has given more than 100 hours to raise extra funds for residents for whom she cares, is an inspiration to her colleagues and their families.

Since July, Lynette Harbour has spent her spare time sewing, knitting and quilting wares to sell at an upcoming event at Carinity Aged Care – Clifford, the proceeds of which will go towards enriching the lives of residents.

Lynette has already crafted more than 50 items to sell, including quality baby clothes, sandals, Christmas wreaths, topiary balls, and tea cosies.It was not just the work that was painstaking, but also the search for materials.

“Most of my materials are recycled. I source them from garage sales, markets, second hand shops and donations from friends. It keeps the cost low, but the downside is it can take time to find what I want,” Lynette said.

Lynette humbly said she merely saw it as a way to raise funds for extra decorative projects at the Wooloowin aged care centre.

“I thought the residents would appreciate a few additional, non-essential comforts. Because some of us really enjoy craft, I decided it would be a perfect way to raise the funds,” she said.

“Some of the staff and their families are baking sweet treats to sell alongside the craft. One nurse even brought her friends together for a social event to create some pieces to sell.

“Our residents are getting involved too. It’s something that has brought our community closer together.”

Residential Manager Anne Marie Cassaniti said she was one of those galvanised by Lynette’s efforts.

“When I saw some of the exquisite pieces Lynette had created, I was inspired to start working on my own ideas. Now, my list of chores grows each weekend, while I spend time in front of the sewing machine,” she said.

Anne Marie estimates the craft stall will have hundreds of items – a testament to the devotion and passion of staff.

“It warms my heart to see how the staff are always seeking to improve outcomes for our residents; they are completely committed and motivated by the thought of doing their best for the residents in their care,” she said.

The craft stall will take place at the aged care centre, at 44 Jimbour Street, Wooloowin, 4030 from 10:00am on Thursday, 28 November.

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